Working with Companies we trust.

At Forward Elevation we continuously work with suppliers demonstrating both; capability and product development, in order to give our end user the best possible outcome for your lifting ministrations.

This is why we have the ability to provide not only:- online catalogues of products but as well as hard copies of our products during procurement stages.


Our Goods only Lift: Boxlift. MRL electric with carry capacity up to 2.000kg.

Our homelift: Residlift, for private dwelling able to carry up to 385kg.

Our Traction MRL: Silens Pro; The Silens Pro Top & Compact are up to 630kg. For up to 1275Kg we have the Silens Pro Vanguard and the Silens Pro Mega up to 4000kg. (passenger only or goods and passenger)

MRL Hydraulic HydroAdvance:

We also have standard Hydraulic with Machine Room too, up to 30,000kg ( y